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Yoga Exercise To Condition Weight Loss

Obesity has become a lifestyle disease these days. Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits add to the growing health problem particularly among the urbanites. To combat the problem of weight, it is essential you are performing some traditional yoga exercises daily.
Weight loss programs require long term commitments so that you are not suffering from associated health problems which come with rapid weight loss. Yoga exercises help in toning the body gradually. Here in are stated some of the yoga techniques which can help in conditioning weight loss.

    • Laghu Shankha Prakshalan which aims at cleansing the digestive system
    • Yoga Asans for correcting postures
    • Kunjal Kriya for stomach washes and cleaning of lungs
    • Basti for colon cleansing
    • The Baghi yoga which is a form of tiger exercise

With regular practice of yoga you can shed up to 10 pounds every week. Proper cleaning of the internal organs is extremely essential for keeping the body well toned and healthy. This is the activity which makes the yoga exercises so effective in weight management programs. You can drive long term results with the conditioning exercises stated below:
Yoga Exercises For Tightening Of Abdomen:
The exercises under this category includes baat pose, naval move asana, wind releasing pose, childpose, spinal twist, cobra pose, yogic seal pose.
Yoga Exercises For Arms And Legs:r
The exercises under this category includes celibacy pose, hero pose, rise pose, tree pose, swinging lotus pose, dog facing up pose, bridge facing down pose, dog facing down pose, bridge facing up pose.
Yoga Exercise For Chest Contraction:
The exercises included are lumbar wheel pose, hero pose, spinal twist, triangle pose, wind releasing pose, baat pose, dog facing down and up pose.
Yoga Exercise For Toning Hips And Thighs:r
The exercises included are butterfly pose, hero pose, celibacy pose, sun salute, wind releasing pose, angle pose, the triangle pose, dog facing down and up pose.
Pranayama Yoga Breathing Exercises:r
Includes relaxation, yoga breathing and meditation practices.
Practice of yoga is one of the best ways in which you can combat the weight loss problems. To maximize the benefits of yoga you can drink oolong tea which has special weight loss properties. Following the natural and safe methods of weight loss, you can get back a healthy and fit life free from diseases. The yoga exercises rejuvenate your body mind and soul and take care of your overall well being. Make sure you are following the proper exercising patterns to derive maximum benefits.