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Company Goes Public About Pesticides in Your Tea…

I just got a comment on my blog that I just HAD to share with you…
It’s from Lorrie – an Okuma Nutritionals blog reader and customer.
Here’s what she said:

Wow, Lorrie- thanks for asking!
Another blog reader, Donna, asked a similar question.

Donna – thank you for bringing me this concern!

I Had To Make A Really Hard Decision…

To answer Lorrie, Donna, and everybody else…
Before I took over Okuma a few months ago, one of the FIRST things I did was to order a test on Wu-Long.
I knew that it Wu-Long has a lot of GOOD health properties… but what if it also contained a bunch of chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins?
I, too, am apprehensive about “imported ingestibles”  🙂
But I didn’t want to build my life around providing something to the world that I don’t fully, 100% believe in.

The Results…

Thankfully, the tests came back exactly as I’d hoped.
Wu-Long was tested by an independent third party in late December 2013; and came back with a clean bill of chemical health.
As you’ll see in the magnified findings below, when a laboratory conducted a multi-residue screen; Wu-Long came back with an untraceable (or “Below Limits of Quantification”) report.
I asked the lab to find chemicals, pesticides, or any other foreign element.

And the best part is when I went back to the representative at the laboratory, here’s what he said.
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Why is Wu-Long So Pure?
It’s no secret that a TON of popular teas… and especially when coming from China… have been reported to have pesticides or toxins on the tea… or even on the bags!
I recently wrote a blog post that will explain this in more detail – but here’s a quick refresher for you…
Wu-Long is different.
While some grocery store teas are touted for their amazing health benefits… they often contain icky pesticides that seep into every cup you steep.
When I called a third-party laboratory to test Wu-Long, I asked them to conduct the most thorough chemical screening they had available.

The Results of Third-Party Laboratory Screenings…

I waited with bated breath; and the results arrived in my email inbox just the day before Christimas.
I almost believed in Santa this year!
Wu-Long is SUPER clean, and SUPER pure.
Well there are a few reasons.
First, Wu-Long comes from one of the world’s best tea plantations, high in the mountaintops of China’s Anxi Province.
The Chinese call Wu-Long “Black Dragon”, “A Crane Among Chickens”, and “High Mountain Tea”.
It is also grown in a protected UNESCO World Heritage preserve.
This limits the amount of ‘chemical’ imprint that it could be exposed to.

Not All Organic Food Is “Organic”…

Did you know that even “organic” foods often contain pesticides?
That’s often due to dirty water used on the crops…
…Or even wind blowing environmental toxins into organic crops from non-organic crops.
However, because Wu-Long comes from a high mountaintop plantation, and is picked and packaged in this perfect little preserve; it’s really not exposed to the same environmental toxins as most other teas!
It’s even been called “MEDICINAL GRADE” in China!
To answer your questions Lorrie and Donna…
Not ALL things from China are riddled with toxins.
But Wu-Long is very, very special!
So steep and sip your Wu-Long.
Slim your body, clear your mind, and enjoy one of the world’s best teas.
And remember, today is the LAST DAY to get 25% OFF your Wu-Long tea.
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And FEEL GREAT knowing you’re drinking one of the world’s best teas for fat loss!


  • Sandra Brown
    February 9, 2014

    Hi Stephanie
    I know today is the last day for your 25% off sale, but it looks like the 3 and 5 months supply of capsules are sold out. As I am in Canada, the freight is way too expensive to order only 1 month supply. I would be interested in the 5 month supply. Am I out of luck ?
    Thank you
    Sandra Brown

    • Stephanie
      February 10, 2014

      My new capsules are coming in next month.
      Right now my shipping company doesn’t have the ability to ship 3 and 5 month supplies because we’re almost out and need to make sure our VIP’s get their shipments first and foremost.
      I will send an email and let everybody know exactly when we have the new shipment.
      Since shipping is so expensive to Canada, I’d wait to order the 3 or 5 month supply for a few weeks til I have them back in stock!
      Nice to hear from you, Sandra!

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