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You Won't Believe What People Are Using To Quit Smoking…

Are Pharmacies Snuffing Cigarette Sales in 2014?
I just received an awesome comment from one of our Okuma Nutritionals Wu-Long Tea drinkers.
Cherl says:
Wu-long has helped me quit smoking.
After reading the book “POWER Of HABIT”, by Charles Duhigg,
when I crave a cigarette, I have a cup of Wu-long instead.
It works!  ~ Cheryl
Congratulations, Cheryl!
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I knew that Wu-Long is known to curb carb cravings… but curbing cigarette cravings, as well?
I’m so happy to hear that people are using Wu-Long to strengthen their bodies… and their wills!
You made me think about an incredible piece of news I read this week…
CVS Jumping “Off The Bandwagon”?
Did you know that nationwide pharmacy CVS is jumping “off” the tobacco bandwagon?
That’s right: in October of 2014, CVS Pharmacy will STOP selling smokes.
You heard me correctly: ALL tobacco sales – CVS is snuffing them out.
Thomas Frieden, director at the CDC, told Reuters:
“I think CVS recognized that it was just paradoxical to be both a seller of deadly products and a healthcare provider.”
While CVS isn’t quite eliminating everything ‘toxic’ from it’s stores, such as candy, OTC drugs, or processed foods…
This is a big step in motivating other pharmacies or grocery store chains to eliminate tobacco sales.
But if you think about it… why does a pharmacy –the very place where people go to find medicine toheal from their sicknesses- sell the very thing that makes people sick?!
Kudos to CVS for staying the course – as their stock value dropped a bit last week in an apparent reaction to this news.
But don’t get too choked up about the news…CVS isn’t quite totally in the health business.
While they’re going to lose some money from lost tobacco sales eventually… they’re offering smoking cessation programs in tobacco’s stead.
How do I have the funny feeling that expensive anti-smoking drugs may just become much more popular in coming months?
What YOU Can Do To Snuff Out YOUR Bad Habits…
Instead of replacing one unhealthy addiction for another – the reliance on anti-smoking drugs…
What if people replaced their BAD habits for GOOD ones – such as Wu-Long tea?
Wu-Long restores:

  • Blemish-Free Skin
  • Shiny Hair
  • Strong Nails
  • Healthy Bones
  • Internal Organ Health
  • … and it even helps you regain that beautiful ‘lean’ figure of your youth because it torches body fat and REVS UP your metabolism.

​Whether you smoke, eat too much sugar, rely on highly-caffeinated beverages, or have one too many drinks at night.
Your body deserves the best treatment you can give it.
After all – your body is carrying everything else – your spirit, your soul, your chi or lifeforce… whatever you call it.
And without proper care of your body – your soul has no place to live!
Drink 100% natural, life-regenerating Wu-Long Tea every day to prevent future ailments… and even to restore organs from damage you’ve already done!

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