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Why You Should Avoid Fructose for Weight Loss

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The U.S. celebrates the official kick-off of summer with a special Memorial Day Weekend.
In case you didn’t know, this ‘holiday’, which commemorates those who’ve fallen in the armed forces, is also synonymous with barbeques and outdoor get-togethers.
And if you’re trying to remain healthy this weekend and fight disease, you may be tempted to skip the yummy grilled feasts and stick to salads.
But this is NOT always the best way to lose weight and stay healthy during your celebrations.  Here’s why…

1.  Avoid This Food To Lose Weight This Weekend…

Some people load up on salads and fruit to ‘diet’ during the barbeques.
Well in a minute – you’ll see why this is absolutely NOT the way to go.  In fact, it may be just the OPPOSITE of what you should to to lose more weight this weekend.
You see, sugar is uniquely fattening to your body.
But sugar is called by many names.
Glucose is produced by our bodies, and we need it to live.
Fructose, however, is not a natural part of your metabolism, and the only part of your body that can make use of it is liver cells.  When you eat fructose, it gets metabolized by your liver, turned into fat, and then secreted into the blood.

2.  Why You Must AVOID Fructose…

Fructose causes insulin resistance.
What does that mean?  Well, insulin is a hormone used to regulate your metabolism and energy use.  It sends a signal to your cells to dictate how we use glucose for energy.
Insulin levels spike when we eat a high-carbohydrate meal because the excess glucose is actually toxic.  When you’re insulin response is healthy, your blood glucose remains steady.
However, when your cells become resistant to insulin, your blood glucose spikes to toxic levels without the ability to drive out the excess glucose.  This causes insulin resistance; which is likely to lead to fat storage… and even diabetes!
Fructose is known to spike insulin levels.  What’s more, fructose can cause your brain to think your still hungry when you’re already exceeded the calories you need; which causes even more weight gain.

How To Avoid Fructose This Weekend…

You find fructose in a myriad of different foods; from ketchup to salad dressings to ‘diet’ yogurts or ‘fat-free’ products.
Fructose isn’t just empty calories, but it causes major fat storage, and even toxicity to your diet.
Remember when I said that loading up on the salad, fruit, or accoutrements this weekend may be the WORST way to go?
Well I created this awesome chart this morning to explain why:

The Best Way To Boost Your Metabolism This Weekend…

As you can see, most of the list consists of BEVERAGES that you may be tempted to consume this weekend.
Instead, keep Slimming Tea in your home at all times.
You can add Stevia and lemons to make Slimming Tea lemonade, or add cucumbers for a hydrating, refreshing Slimming Iced Cucumber Tea.
Slimming Tea is the BEST way to keep on your healthy eating and weight loss plan this weekend.
It helps you to:

Slimming Tea is low in caffeine, so the whole family can enjoy it’s detoxifying and antioxidant benefits.
Add lemon or turmeric for extra cancer fighting power; as the catechins (a special antioxidant found in Slimming Tea) are cancer-crushing powerhouses.
Don’t blow your diet with ‘health foods’ this weekend, or beverages that blow up your waistline… and spike your insulin levels!
Drink Slimming Tea to promote your health… and your beach body today!
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