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Is Whole Wheat Toast WORSE Than A Snickers Bar?


Is A Slice of Wheat Toast Worse Than a Snickers Bar?

This morning I was jogging with the puppies and listening to a fascinating health and fitness book on my iPhone.

And I heard a pretty shocking fact!
The author questioned the reader to choose which of the following would cause the highest spike in blood sugar:

  • A tablespoon of pure white sugar.
  • A Snickers bar.
  • A banana.
  • A slice of whole wheat bread.

Which one would you choose?
I might get cheeky and choose the banana.  But most people would choose the Snickers Bar, right?!
But the answer is the last one you’d guess: the slice of whole wheat bread. 
When you consider how blood sugar spikes after eating particular foods (called the Glycemic Index), the items I mention break down like this:

What Is The Glycemic Index… And Why Do I Care?

The Glycemic Index (GI) in is a measure of how fast a food raises blood sugar levels.
Glucose has a GI of 100, and if a food has a GI of 50, it raises your blood sugar half as much as glucose.
Table sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose.
As people concerned with long, disease-free and healthy lives, we avoid sugar when possible.
That’s because when too much sugar is consumed, your body’s natural insulin response can become overused and weakened, even resistant.

The Results of Too Much Sugar…

Excess sugar can cause metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.
And if you eat processed foods or bottled beverages – you are likely consuming enough sugar per serving to spike your insulin levels to the moon.
Why does merely 3 beers in one night effect your waistline, and your energy levels as much as, say, 15 would when you were 21 years old?
This may be due to your body’s weakened ability to process sugars, or insulin resistance.
And when you have a weakened insulin response, you store sugars as FAT.
Plus, sugar can make you resistant to the hormone leptin in the same way it becomes resistant to insulin.
Instead of RAISING your metabolic rate when you eat foods, your brain misses the signal that you are full.
And it goes into fat-storing versus energy-burning mode!

 What Can I Do?

There are a few things you can do with this information.

1.  If you have any old Food Pyramids lying around the house: TRASH ‘EM.

The moment the government stuck it’s two-sense into our diets – the low-fat diet craze hit the country.

And then the country got fat.  And overrun with heart disease.  And diabetes.

The shift to a whole-grain based diet served merely to spike our collective blood sugars.

2.  Consume Foods With Lower GI

I’m not talking about Atkins, Paleo, Inuit, Werewolf, or any other kind of special diet.

But I would strongly encourage you NOT to make whole grains… and especially not sugary foods the foundation of your personal food pyramid.

In fact, did you know that when you eat foods that spike your blood sugar, the easier it will be for your body to resist insulin; thereby storing sugars as fats?

Worse yet, your brain doesn’t realize you’re full!

So you keep eating more and more because your brain isn’t picking up what your stomach is throwing down.

3.  You Can Wu-Long!

That’s right, I just used Wu-Long as a verb.  =)

That’s because I don’t just have our Medicinal-Grade carb-craving eliminator Tea in stock…

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Plus – you will have LESS carb cravings, helping you to eat more sensibly and, thereby, lose even more weight.

Wu-Long Slimming Tea Capsules even have 523% MORE fatburning polyphenols than green tea – which is hailed for having high polyphenols in celebrity diets worldwide.

Wu-Long truly is Nature’s Best Slimming Secret.

How To Eliminate Carb Cravings and Feel Full 

Don’t get your blood sugar out of whack with high-glycemic foods that cause your metabolism to drop…
… And your body to store fat.
Take just ONE Wu-Long Slimming Tea Capsule before meals and you’ll help your body regulate insulin so that you feel MORE satiated… and eat less!
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