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21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long Tea You Never Knew…

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Wu-Long Tea holds some of Nature’s most incredible healing powers.
There are almost more health benefits than I can list – but just for fun… I tried to name just 21!
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21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long That You Never Knew…

1.  It sharpens thinking skills due to L-Theanine and Caffeine in the tea… although it only contains 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee!

2.  Psychology today notes that Wu-Long enhances what they call “Happiness Chemicals”

3.  It is used to prevent cancer and has even been shown to prevent organ aging in a study of men and women conducted by a Japanese doctor due to it’s high polyphenol content.
4.  It may prevent osteoporosis by strengthinging bones – even your teeth!
5.  It fights heart disease and is recommended to drink after a meal when heart attack risks are highest
6.  It fights Type II Diabetes and obesity
7.  It originates from the Fujian province of China and is one of the most rare tea’s on the planet.
8.  Oolong means “Black Dragon” in Chinese.  Wu-Long is the special Oolong that comes from the Wuyi Mountains.
9.  It’s nutrients enhances mental alertness and productivity.
10.  Wu-Long Tea lowers stroke risks

11.  When consumed regularly, it helps you lower cholesterol.

12.  It promotes shiny, healthy hair

13.  It fights acne and does wonders to provide clear skin!

14.  It lowers stress levels
15.  Wu-Long can ease arthritis pain
16.  It can fight Alzheimer’s disease
17.  It helps with headaches

18.  L-Theanine in Wu-Long also helps generate dopamine and seratonin: neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for making you feel good!

19.  It may reduce risk of Prostate Cancer
20.  Wu-Long blocks fat absorption

21.  It’s proven that the polyphenols in Wu-Long promote oxidation of body fat.

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