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A Weight Loss Trick That Works… Only When It’s Freezing!

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This week it’s been COLD… almost everywhere in the country!
One thing I’ve dreaded more than anything is taking my potty-training puppies to the street level of my apartment building and waiting; shivering and sniffling, for them to go potty.
Let me tell you – when it’s sleety, windy, and freezing cold: this is really hard!
But I continually remind myself of one important thing: the freezing cold may actually be BURNING calories… FAST!
A recent issue of Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism published a paper that indicates that icy temps may help us torch fat.

Why Does Cold Weather Help You Lose Weight?

The reason cold weather helps you lose weight is because of the act of shivering
Shivering can actually boost your metabolism y up to 30 percent!
If you shiver for a full hour – it can even burn up to 400 calories!
That’s right: shivering burns more calories than bicycle-riding , walking… or even swimming.

How Cold Does It Need To Be To Start Shedding Fat?

Studies suggest that you don’t have to be in negative temperatures to benefit from cold’s fat-torching benefits.
Rather, Japanese researchers found that merely 2 hours a day in 62 degree temperatures can trigger fat-loss.
In fact, studies suggest that keeping your indoor temperature at a chilly – but not freezing – 66 degrees or less for just two hours a day can show weight loss.
And you can begin to see results in as little as ten days!

The Best Weight Loss Tricks Are Built Into Nature

Nature is magnificent.
But you don’t have to freeze, shiver, or chatter your teeth to shed fat and boost metabolism.
That’s right… while there are many incredible, natural weight-loss tricks…
… Like shivering to boost metabolic rate…
…That are built in to Nature to help us keep strong and healthy…
There are also weight-loss tricks that keep you cozy and warm and still shed stubborn fat.
One of nature’s greatest, most DELICIOUS gifts to your body is Wu-Long tea.
Wu-Long increases metabolic rate AND gives you stable energy all day.
Drink two cups a day to begin melting fat… no matter what the temperature!

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