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Are You Losing Weight on the Wrong Side of the Bed?


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image thanks to CarbonNYC

You know that old saying about getting up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning?
It’s often what people say when you are having a really bad day.
Well, this is how I feel – and I assume you probably do too – about the constant influx of information that we are bombarded with about fad diets, celebrity weight loss secrets, and an endless supply of “magic” diet pills and potions.
Unfortunately, a lot of this information is bad information (if not downright dangerous), and if you fall for it you may be “losing weight on the wrong side of the bed.”

  • Fad diets are fads for a reason, and some of them may work in the short-term but are impossible to maintain.
  • Most celebrities are able to look great not because of some miracle diet, but because they can afford to hire personal trainers, chefs, and a team of stylists (not to mention airbrushing).
  • And those “magic” weight loss pills? They are made with ingredients that are often untested and potentially unsafe.

The truth is that there is no magic formula for weight loss. It is really about arming yourself with the best information and making a plan that can work for you.
Here are a few weight loss secrets to help you out…

Get informed:

Do exactly what you are doing now. Read articles from trusted sources, learn about healthy eating, and educate yourself about the importance of fitness and the right amount for you. Find tips and tricks that can work for your life, and start using them.

Find support:

Realize that you don’t have to go it alone. Get your family members involved in your weight loss planning. Find friends who will take walks or go to the gym with you. There is also a massive community of people online who are there to share stories and support, search for a group that makes sense to you and get connected.

Get natural:

I love our oolong tea. I think it beats any drugstore diet pill hands down. You know why? Because it’s tea. I have seen the research that shows that it boosts metabolism and I know that it has helped countless people to lose weight. But the most important thing is that it is completely natural. Avoid the fads or scary diet drugs. I truly believe that if you do what is good for your body and it will do the same for you. This is the greatest of all weight loss secrets.
To your health!