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Weight Loss Products: What Options Do You Have?

Did you know that the average expenditure on weight loss products and services by Americans ranges between $33 billion and $55 billion?
There is nothing surprising in this, considering the alarming number of people who struggle to lose weight. Many of them rely on weight loss products to achieve their weight loss goals.
Let’s discuss the three major categories that weight loss products fall into.
Weight Loss Medicines and Supplements: The market is flooded with off-the-shelf and prescription medicines and supplements aimed at helping people lose weight. These are basically made from different herbs and various dietary supplements. These are designed to control the appetite and thereby promote weight loss. Many health experts have questioned the efficacy of weight loss pills and supplements, as there are many counterfeit products in circulation that may have side effects. This makes it crucial for such products to be bought from reliable providers.
Weight Loss Meal Replacement Products: Many people rely on prepackaged foods, or meal replacement products, to lose weight. These foods come in the form of cookies, shakes and bars that are low in calories and have high nutritional content. It requires a lot of determination to replace your meals with these items for around two to three months. It may be a good idea to ask for expert advice before switching to meal replacement foods, as you would not want your energy levels to be affected.
Weight Loss Accountability Tools: Accountability tools are used by weight loss enthusiasts to track the performance of their efforts. Popular tools include pedometers (used for distance and time by people who do walking or jogging) and calorie counters (through which people can also judge their behavior towards weight loss). These are available in different forms, such as portable and web-based.
There are many people out there who have not been able to achieve benefits of weight loss products. So, it is better to seek advice of a fitness expert before using them.