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Weight Loss Prep Work


work out prep work

picture thanks to Method Fitness

Have you ever painted a room?
To do it right, there’s a lot that needs to happen before the actual painting part. There’s getting the brushes, the rollers, the paint, and other accessories. There’s moving everything out and cleaning up. Then putting down all that masking tape and covering the bits that don’t need to be painted.
While it may seem daunting, doing it right is a simple matter of scratching things off a check list as they’re done. Then getting that paint on the walls is surprisingly easy. A whole new room is a breeze.
Why can’t weight loss be the same way?
We’re more likely to mess up if we go into a task without some idea of how to accomplish it. We can have a clear idea of the desired end result, but if we don’t know the steps to get there, we’re just asking for trouble on the way.
Here are some tips for weight loss preparation…


If you want to lose a few pounds, what will that mean for you day to day? Are you going to have to pack snacks? Are you going to have to get up a little earlier to make your brown bag full of healthiness? Should you park a little farther from where you’re going to get some exercise into your day? Should you join a gym?
Think about how you can squeeze in some good habits, and blow off some bad ones. What will work for you? Make your checklist for how you’re going to make change. Think about the new you that you want to be.

Clean Up!

A fresh start is a good start. Look at your fridge or pantry. Are there cookies, soda, snacks of any kind that would hinder the loss of weight? Get rid of them. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can resist temptation or reward yourself later with them. They do not make a good reward for the goal in mind, and the best way to avoid their lure is to get them out of convenient reach.

Get Supplies

Now that you’ve thrown out the garbage, you’ll need new stuff. When you get to the grocery store, choose wisely. Most advice on the subject states that a good approach to losing weight is having five or six mini meals a day in order to keep your metabolism engaged and working. So what will you be eating? Stick to healthy, whole foods. Get a list together! Here’s a good place to start:
You should come up with an action plan for exercise, too. Do you need weights?  Better sneakers? A bike? A yoga DVD? A basketball? We all know healthy living has two parts; diet and exercise. Don’t count solely on one and neglect the other.