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Slim Down Pick-Me-Ups

Image thanks to stevendepolo

So you have decided to make some big changes which involve…
not being so big.
Even those who go eagerly into a weight loss program may get a little grumpy about it. But there are ways to avoid getting glum.
After all, trying to accomplish something good shouldn’t be tainted by a bad mood.
Here are some weight loss motivation tips…

Do Not Skip

Cutting calories is hard enough without skipping meals. You may already be feeling deprived, so why skip a meal?  You won’t be doing yourself any favors if your attitude is already down.
The best way to get through the day is by savoring every meal.
And make those meals count!
Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids like fish, nuts, and even broccoli, will boost serotonin levels in your brain, which help us all feel happier and at least a little smarter.


If you’re focusing too much on reinventing your body, you may forget about the mind that lives in it. Meditation has been shown to help with depression, high blood pressure, fatigue and many other issues that can be causing a sour mood.

Snacks Aren’t Bad

Is it ironic that we tend to think snacks are found in the snack food aisle of the grocery store?
Most of what we find there is processed, salty, and mostly empty calories. Your hunt for snacks can start and end at the produce section, where quick pick-me-ups are just waiting for you.
You can even get away with some carbs, here and there.
Some air popped popcorn or half a bagel with some honey may make a giant difference in how you see the world.
Carbohydrates do affect mood, but remember not to overdo it: just enough to take the edge off of an extra stressful day.

Exorcise With Exercise

Those reluctant to do some exercise may be surprised to discover how important it is to improving their mental health.
Physical activity affects the mind by releasing endorphins. 30 minutes or more of exercise three to five days a week can make a vast difference in state of mind, but really, every little bit helps.
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