WuLong Tea - Premium Chinese Slimming Tea

Weight Loss Management With Wulong Tea

The Wulong tea is a Chinese variety of tea that is particularly known for the fat burning effects. Because of the oxidation the tea offers flowery or woody taste.

    • Contribution to the Fat Burning Process: A process called thermogenesis in the human body is introduced with the intake of Wulong tea. It is a kind of process which aids faster fat oxidation procedure. Compared to the regular varieties of tea, the Wulong tea is known to burn more than twice the total calories from the human body. The fat burning abilities of the tea has been admitted by the nutritionist and doctors after conducting thorough research over the years.

In the year 2001, Journal of Nutrition also published the improved fat burning capacities of the tea. On the basis of a study conducted over 12 participating males, it was found that after daily intake of the tea for a period of 3 days, the fat burning process got accelerated by 12%. About 150% of the fat burning results published in Medical Investigation journal showed that the results were obtained after regular intake of the tea.

    • Weight Management with Wulong Tea: Increased rate of metabolic processes aids in faster shedding of extra fat and toning of muscles. According to the medical reports, the rate of EE or Energy expenditure among the patients taking Wulong tea was about 3% high in a matter of 90 minutes. These bodily changes remained constant for over 2 hours, there by helping in the fat burning process. Continued dietary consumption of the tea is extremely essential so that you can maintain your body weight as well as the increased rate of metabolism.

There are a number of online retail stores which offer Wulong tea at cheap rates. Most of the companies deliver the goods 2 weeks after the order has been placed. It is advisable you are purchasing a tea infuser along with the tea. The loose tea leaves taste best. Make sure you are following the instructions laid down by the manufacturer to derive maximum results.rnrnApart from eating sensibly, you can drink the tea at least twice every day. Regular exercise and a well balanced diet can bring out the best effects of Wulong. You can drink the tea in the morning and another cup in the afternoon. For better results, it is desirable you are taking the tea about 15 minutes before the meal.