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Weight Loss: Just the Facts

picture thanks to kevan

The most basic principal of weight loss is to make sure you use more calories in a day than you consume.
Limit the amount you take in, and burn up as many as you can. It’s as simple as that, but executing that may not be so easy for everyone.
Now, of course, you can’t just stop eating. That wouldn’t be healthy. But you can take measures to control your caloric intake. Roughly 2,000 calories are needed for the average person to get through their day, but that varies according to age, gender, weight, etc…  Do a little research and find out what is right for you.
Once you have figured that out, go from there…
Read your labels. It will tell you right on the package how many calories are in a serving. Also, stick to the serving size. You may be surprised to know that one can or box doesn’t always equal one serving.
Adding thirty minutes of exercise can make a huge difference. It really doesn’t take much to have an impact. It can be a walk around the neighborhood, getting your grove on with your iPod, or if you’re really ambitious, a trip to the gym.
There are ways to estimate how many calories you burn in a day. You can find a calculator online at  http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calories-burned.php.
There are so many different approaches out there, some so extreme that they are hard to fathom, or others so simple they can’t be true. But now that you’re armed with the basics, you have a fighting chance.