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What To Expect When You’re Expecting to Lose Weight

weight loss expectations

Image thanks to BozDoz

So, maybe you haven’t started yet, or maybe you’ve only just begun. But some of you out there are concerned for the first time about losing weight. You’re right at the threshold of your first weight loss journey.
Sometimes you will be excited, or pensive, or just waiting to see how it goes. Sometimes you’ll want to give up. Other times, it will be all you can think about.
Here’s the truth, as best I can give it, on what purposefully losing weight is like…

IT MAY NOT BE EASY (at first)

Part of what makes a person heavier is bad habits. Somewhere along the line that person got some bad programming. In order to become a healthier, slimmer person, all those habits need to be replaced by healthy, beneficial ones. But until the new behavior sticks, the unhealthy behavior will keep trying to take over. So you will have to be strong in the meantime, no matter what health and diet program you subscribe to. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Healthy weight loss is slow. If the body loses weight too quickly, it can be a shock to the system, causing other medical issues and an excess of loose skin. There’s also a greater chance of that weight coming back, with a vengeance.
A good pace of weight loss is in the neighborhood of one or two pounds a week. While that may not seem like much, it does add up.


Your clothes will fit differently. You won’t feel as fatigued all the time, and you’ll want to do more. You’ll be at least a little healthier, and people will notice. Get ready for some compliments and a whole new you.