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Weight Loss Day Planner

Weight Loss Day Planner

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Some people need the cold, hard facts.
Like, if I had a checklist of what I needed to do to be a happy, healthy me, I’d have a much better chance of achieving that goal than if I had to figure it out all on my lonesome. I just want guidance and some simple instructions like I’d get with a freshly bought Ikea futon.
Do they have such a thing for, say, weight loss? Healthy living? And where does one obtain such a list? The internet maybe?
“But the internet is so vast and terrifying and hard to navigate,” you say. And yes, it is. In that ocean of knowledge, there are treasures waiting.
Let’s dive in and find out what it takes to lose weight. Here’s a weight loss day planner…


Start your day with water. As you’ve been told time and time again, you don’t get enough water. This applies extra after eight hours of sleep.
Drink your Wu-Long tea. It will help you metabolize better.
Eat a big breakfast. Keep it healthy. You don’t need to eat breakfast food for breakfast, either. Think about nutrition like protein and fiber, not tradition like pancakes and more pancakes wrapped in sausages. Having the bulk of your calorie intake in the morning gives you more time to burn those calories off.
A couple hours later, have a snack, like a fruit or a vegetable or nuts, not like a candy bar or corn puffs spray painted with orange cheese. Healthy options are out there, people.
And when in doubt, drink more water.


Have more Wu-Long tea.
Have your well-balanced lunch. Hit all the food groups. Keep it smaller than your breakfast, because as the hours pass by, you’re losing the time it takes to work it off.
Roughly two hours after that, have another snack.


When it comes to dinner time, you should keep it smaller than lunch, which was smaller than breakfast, remember? Again keep it balanced and healthy.
It’s time to start settling down for the evening, so try to have this last meal relatively early, at least three or four hours before bedtime.
And don’t think for a minute that sleep isn’t important. Proper rest is just as fundamental to health as the stuff you put in your body, so get your six to eight hours worth of sawing logs and dreaming dreams.