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Weight Loss as Child’s Play

weight loss as child's play

Image thanks to woodleywonderworks

Remember running until you were out of breath, and no one even had to chase you? Or being so full of energy that you were a distraction to others?
You may have been just a kid the last time those things happened. Children are chock full of energy and they have no problem making a game out of just about anything.
So, what can we learn from them, or at least let them remind us?  No, we can’t go back in time and be kids again, but we can follow their lead. After all, if weight loss is your goal, there’s no reason not to try to have fun at it….


There’s that law of inertia that states a body in motion stays in motion, while a body at rest stays at rest. While Newton may have been talking about the inanimate things in our universe, you can apply the idea to your own living body.
When you’re in a situation that won’t let you burn off calories with traditional methods like running or aerobics, make yourself move (even if you’re just sitting around.) Bounce your knees. Stretch your arms. Twist around in your chair. Stay in motion. You need energy to move, so as long as you’re moving, you’re burning calories.

Let the rhythm move you:

If you have a device that plays music, use it. If you can take it with you, do so. Keep the tempo of your song selections upbeat, because your body will want to keep up with that rhythm (it kind of can’t help it).  A walk to the grocery store or chores around the house should have a personal soundtrack. You will be burning fuel while boring tasks are getting done, and those tasks won’t seem quite as boring.

Stand like a Superhero:

Chest out, back straight, head high. Those guys and girls in comic books never slouch, do they? A couple of unexpected things improve just by adjusting your posture. You’ll look better, which will increase your confidence, so you’ll feel better both physically and mentally. Also, you’ll be burning more calories than when you’re slumped over.
Good posture keeps your muscles engaged, even ones you’re not inclined to think about. It’s the difference between a mild mannered secret identity and a man (or woman) of steel.

Keep Score:

Every game has to have some rules, or it isn’t really much of a game. So in order to make your weight loss journey more of a game, you have to define what “winning” is for you. Is it a pound a week? Is it fitting in your “skinny” jeans? Where is your start, where is your finish line, and how long will it take for you to get there?
Keep track of your ups and downs and where you are in the game, literally.  Make yourself a score card. Day by day, treat every pound or inch you drop like a point you gain, and write that score down. Cheer for yourself on the good days. On the not as good days, refuse to be a sore loser.