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Weight Loss 101


weight loss 101

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Remember your high school algebra?
Me neither. The only thing I can tell you about it is that whatever happens on the left side of the equal sign has to balance with the stuff one the right side. That, and if you multiply something by zero, you get a lot of nothing. So, I try to avoid multiplying most things by zero, as a general rule of thumb.
I also avoid math, as a general rule of thumb.
But everything in life, as in algebra, is a balancing act. If you add or subtract something on one side, it will make a difference on the other.
Most people think that losing weight is about taking things away. They forget to add stuff to the equation. Here are three places to make substitutions:

What You Do

Look at how you spend the hours in your day. How much time do you spend sitting? There’s all that time in the car, and for the office folks, about 8 hours in front of a computer. And when you get home, do you camp out on the couch, or sit in front of another computer?
Now a lot of that sitting is required; you shouldn’t even try to drive while standing. But what if you stood more at work? Or paced? What if you didn’t turn on the television or computer at home for a whole night? Staying active a little longer will make resting even better.

What You Eat

Are you stuck in a fast food rut? Do you dine out more than in? Think a bag of chips is a good way to tide you over? You may think it’s saving you a hassle, but really, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.
Making your own meals is more cost effective, way more convenient, and better for you. You control what you’re putting in your body that way. Do your research and make yourself something good for yourself! Keep healthy food in your fridge and cupboard, and you’ll keep healthy food in you.

What You Think

Human beings like things to be easy. We stick with bad habits because changing them would be hard, even if doing so would literally add years to our lives. We procrastinate because procrastination is so easy. We think we’ll have plenty of time later to fix the mistakes we made today.
Some of us may also think that we deserve those bad habits that are making us unhealthy, that we aren’t worthy of feeling or living better. We find comfort in comfort foods. We don’t want to leave our comfort zones.
Change that attitude! All you have for sure is right now, so get excited about it. Go ahead. Shut off your computer, get on your feet, and go get some sunshine. You deserve it.