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We Are The Champions

Image thanks to the*roving*sheep

Gold Medal Olympic Attitude and Motivation

There’s something going on in London now-a-days. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called the “Olympics.”
Some of us are watching the event with a sense of awe and national pride. A few of us may have just a twinge of envy. Who wouldn’t want the healthy physique of an Olympic champion?
The problem is not a lot of us have the time or devotion to follow that track. It doesn’t have to be too complicated to get motivated, does it?
Maybe there’s a way to keep your head in the game, and pepper the day with that kind of gold winning attitude…


I am of a generation that adored mixed tapes. We would spend hours recording, rewinding, and selecting all the right songs in all the right order. In this glorious day of new technology, it won’t take hours, just a few clicks on the track list.
Make yourself a soundtrack full of music that motivates you. This means upbeat tempos, high drama, and no ballads! If it’s a song that Rocky can run up the library steps to, put it in the rotation.
Then plug in your earphones and listen to it as often as possible. Whether you’re running around the block or just doing chores around the house, this should add pep to your step and pride to your stride.


This is such a simple thing, but it makes a difference.
Get yourself some good shoes, and no, flip-flops don’t count. They need to fit you just right and be appropriate to the task at hand, which is getting you around. Then make sure you put them on first thing in the morning. It’s surprising how many excuses the simple act of putting on shoes will cut out of your day.


It takes a lot of energy to be an Olympian. They eat often, and they eat right. Five small but nutritious meals a day is common. See, they don’t fill up all the way, but they never run on empty. So, keep healthy snacks on hand, watch your portions, and maintain a nice variety in what you’re eating so you get the most from your food.
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