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Ways to Cut Calories Today

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to eating well and losing weight, but too often we deprive ourselves or turn to drastic measures. Fad diets may seem to help you in the (very) short term, but they are impossible to sustain.
The only true advice regarding weight loss is that it ultimately comes down to calories in (what we eat) vs. calories out (physical activity). The best way to lose weight to is start making healthy choices, to cut back, and to increase physical activity.
If you can cut back 500 calories each day, it will translate to one pound lost in a week. The following is a list of tips and swaps that can help you along the way:


People who fidget can burn up to 350 calories a day just by bouncing their leg or moving around. Try getting up while on the phone, walking around while you are brainstorming, or just tapping your feet along to some music at your desk.

Don’t eat in front of the TV:

This is mindless eating, and those that do it have been shown to consume more calories than those who focus only on their meal.

Pack a lunch:

Packing your own lunch allows you to control the quality and amount of what you are eating. This can save you hundreds of calories, especially if you normally eat out or pick up your lunch.

Swap your latte for tea:

Coffee drinks can pack a huge calorie and fat punch. Add in the syrups and whipped cream, and they can top out over 600 calories. Try indulging in a cup of tea instead. You can still get your caffeine kick, but tea is calorie free and can even boost your metabolism!

Stay away from vending machines:

They can be oh-so-tempting when you get that late afternoon craving, but usually offer very few healthy choices. Bring your own snacks and have them on hand.

Listen to your body:

Many of us rush through our meals or eat while we are multi-tasking. Try to actually set aside time to eat while undistracted, and let your body tell you when you are starting to feel full.

Don’t clean your plate:

This rule is true particularly for restaurant meals. Eat only half of what is on your plate and box up the rest. You will still feel satisfied, and you get an extra meal out of it.