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Walk This Way: Adventures In Exercise

I have a project for you. You can totally do this, and maybe, just maybe, be glad you did.
Also, it’s secretly good for you. A healthy kind of good for you. Ready?
Get a map. Get a marker. Get some string and a pencil. (You can print a map up from the internet.)
On the map, find your home. Find it? Good.
Take the string and tie the pencil to one end of it. If you have the kind of map with a key that tells you inches to miles, use it to figure out how long to make the string to get two map miles. That’s where you tie the marker.
With me so far? You’ve just made a compass! Not the kind to find the North Pole, but the kind to make circles with.
Put the pencil at your house on the map. This is the center of the circle. Hold the pencil in place while you pull the marker out until the string is taught. Now, with the marker, draw a circle around your house.
Now you know how far away two miles would be from your house. If you walk from your house to the circle, boom! That’s half a work out. It’s only half because, well, you have to get back, don’t you?
This little project gets you to do two things: explore the world right outside your door and get healthier while you do it.
See if anything you need might be on the way in any direction. There’s some motivation for you. Find some destinations to walk to.
If the circle is too big for you, go ahead and shorten the string. I won’t tell. The important part is getting out there, because the seasons are changing and you don’t have a lot of time left! Go watch the leaves change color, meet some new neighbors, find a new favorite place not far from home, and as a bonus, you get exercise. (Unless your climate doesn’t have a big seasonal difference, but that’s not the point.)
Give yourself a plan. That’s your project.
Bon Voyage!