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Can Tea Actually Harm Your Body?

Danger And Hazard Sign
A doctor wrote our support team this morning with a very important question.
Simply put, he wants to know if our tea’s quality can be assured although it comes from China, where many other teas that have dangerous toxins come from.
I’m really grateful when people ask about this.
And I understand that there has been a lot of research involving popular teas and their disasterously high levels of chemicals, fake ingredients, flavoring, GMO’s, and even fertility-sabotaging toxins!

Why You Should Avoid Certain “Grocery Store” Teas…

You don’t want to drink chemicals for a variety of reasons.
They can cause:

    • Neurological damage
    • Infertility
    • Hormonal Damage
    • Damage to immune system
    • Poor sleep
    • Anxiety
    • Weight Gain

A few months ago when I had the opportunity to join the Okuma Nutritionals team, the first thing I did was to have tests done on our tea.
Here are the results:

The Highest Quality Tea…

Thankfully, the tests came back exactly as I’d hoped.
Slimming Tea was tested by an independent third party in late December 2013; and came back with a clean bill of chemical health.
As you’ll see in the magnified findings below, when a laboratory conducted a multi-residue screen; our tea and tea capsules came back with an untraceable (or “Below Limits of Quantification”) report.
The best part?  
I made sure I understood the findings and went back to the representative at the
laboratory.  Here’s what he said:

“In regards to the “Below LOQ” result, each particular test has a specific limit of quantitation (LOQ) where results below a certain level are unable to be quantitated…  When this occurs, we report the “below LOQ” or a “< mg per 100g” (for example) result to signify this.  Essentially, this can be read and treated as a 0 for the result.”

tim below loq 2
It’s no secret that a TON of popular teas… and especially when coming from China… have been reported to have pesticides or toxins on the tea… or even on the bags!
While some grocery store teas are touted for their amazing health benefits… they often contain icky pesticides that seep into every cup you steep.

Why Is Slimming Tea So Pure in Quality?

Slimming Tea comes from one of the world’s best tea plantations, high in the mountaintops of China’s Anxi Province.
The Chinese call Slimming Tea a “Black Dragon”, “A Crane Among Chickens”, and “High Mountain Tea”.
It is also grown in a protected UNESCO World Heritage preserve.
This limits the amount of ‘chemical’ imprint that it could be exposed to.

Not All Organic Food Is “Organic”…

Did you know that even “organic” foods often contain pesticides?
That’s often due to dirty water used on the crops…
…Or even wind blowing environmental toxins into organic crops from non-organic crops.
However, because Slimming Tea comes from a high altitude plantation, it’s not exposed to the same environmental toxins as most other teas!
It’s even been called “MEDICINAL GRADE” in China!


To answer your question Dr., and so many other delightful Slimming Tea drinkers…
Not all things from China are riddled with toxins.
And not many teas are like Slimming Tea!
Slimming Tea is pure, clean, and loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants.
And if it’s getting a bit hot for tea, we’ve consolidated all the Slimming Goodness into a capsule, as well!
You can find Slimming Tea Capsules here.
By the way…
Did you know that certain teas can cause your body to retain toxins in your blood and fat cells?
These toxin can make you overweight… and even damage your brain.

Slimming Tea is safe from these nasty chemicals.

Read why here. (And order capsules while they’re back in stock!)

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