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Top 5 Weight Loss Fiber Food Tips for Lunch

Are you overweight?
Do you need help to lose weight?
If your answer to both the questions is in the affirmative, my answer to you is Fiber. Increasing your fiber intake not just improves your overall health but also works wonders to help you lose weight. Fiber helps to control many medical conditions by helping control weight.
Basically, fiber helps to lose weight by controlling hunger. Eating foods with a high fiber content helps to keep you feeling full for longer, thus preventing the urge to overeat. Here in this article we will look at some great fiber food lunch ideas to help you lose weight faster.

Top 5 Fiber Food Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Here are some great fiber food ideas for lunch to aid your weight loss efforts:

Swap tacos for burritos:

Opt for flour tortillas as they are high in fiber as compared to taco shells. Better still; opt for a whole wheat burrito for a higher dose of fiber per serving. Also, instead of ordering a burrito with just meat, order one with beans and meat. A half cup of beans will add an extra 6 grams of fiber to your lunch.

Stock your office desk with microwaveable soups:

Do you often work through lunch? If so, stock up on microwaveable soups. Choose from chili with beans, lentil, black beans and ham and bean soups. These soups pack anything between 6 to 10 grams of fiber in every cup.

Swap white bread for rye bread:

Use rye bread for making your lunch sandwiches. One slice of rye bread packs around 2 grams of fiber, which is about twice the quantity of fiber content in white bread.

Be generous with the basil and oregano when having pizza:

Shower your pizza with lots of basil and oregano. One teaspoon of any of these spices adds an extra 1 gram dose of fiber. Throw in some mushrooms into your order and you will get an additional 1 gram.

Sesame seed buns for your burger:

Fix up your burgers with sesame seed buns instead of using the plain variety. Sesame seeds will add about half a gram of fiber to your burger. Incorporate these diet friendly fiber food ideas for lunch to help you drop all those extra pounds faster.
And, finally, don’t forget one of the most basic things you can do to help with your weight loss is drink Oolong tea for weight loss. This is one of the foundations to weight loss.