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Just Do It: Finding Your Motivation

Tips For Finding Motivation
Do you ever have one of those days?
You know, when the alarm is an unwelcomed friend and the rest of the day just never quite settles into place?
On days like these exercise is often one of the first things that we may let go of.
Honestly, it can be very hard at the end of a busy day to find the motivation to get moving. Especially if you are already feeling worn out.
The thing is that exercise may be the most beneficial for you on those kinds of days. It can get you energized, melt away stress, and improve your mood.
Here are a few tips for finding motivation when you just aren’t feeling it…

Walk it off:

Are you just not feeling committed to putting in a long session at the gym? Well, don’t. Instead, find some time in your day to put on comfy shoes and take a 30-minute walk (or even longer if the mood strikes you). Whether you head to a park or just explore the neighborhood, a good walk will get your blood pumping and can also be great stress relief.

Find your bliss:

It is important (especially when your feeling unmotivated) to remember that exercise doesn’t have to be torture. If you dread doing it, then chances are you will eventually throw in the towel completely. So think outside of the box and find the things that will appeal to you the most. This can be yoga, Pilates, Zumba, bike riding, hiking, swimming, or any number of other activities. If you are doing something you really enjoy, it will feel less like chore, and you might even have some fun.

Take a lunch:

This one has really worked for me. I am not a morning person, and am often tired by the end of the day and not always willing to work out. So I started using my lunch breaks to get in some physical activity. Long walks, a trip to the rec center, or a neighborhood yoga class (and lots of places will give you one week for free!). This uses time that you already have set aside in the very best way, with the added bonus of giving you extra energy to get through the afternoon.

Give yourself a break:

Every now and then it’s perfectly okay to give yourself a day off (as long as it doesn’t become a habit). If you have a bad day, or your body needs a break, then take one. Just don’t beat yourself up about it, and resolve to get back on track as soon as you are feeling better.
And, of course, drinking Wu-Long Tea every day will give you a natural edge and keep your metabolism boosted, even on one of those days.


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    March 9, 2014

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