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The Good, The Bad, and The Skinny

Image thanks to BLcarnut

This is a warning to the newly trim, or those who seek a better body for all the wrong reasons: There is a dark side to losing weight. Maybe you’ve heard Yoda mention it…
I’m talking about when things go to your head, and yeah, it’s a bit of a rant. I’ll admit it.
Now, it’s one thing to make a conscious effort towards healthier living. Wanting to be fit is fine, great even, and feeling more attractive is more than okay, too. If only everyone could find the strength and determination to make some major changes. We all deserve a positive transformation and the confidence that goes with it.
But there are some people who get down to the size they want… but then go bad.
Here’s some irony that Alanis Morrisette could appreciate: As some people become more physically attractive, they become more socially obnoxious and repulsive.
Crazy, right?
Every pound they lose just moves to their heads. They became snobs, and not your run-of-the-mill snobs. Super-Monster Snobs. They stopped being good company for anyone but themselves.
For them, somehow, the weight loss process is similar to the formula that turned Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. They get dismissive, belittling, and outright mean. Somewhere, they’ve gotten the message that being skinny entitles you to be as bad as you want to be. My theory is that maybe they were bullied for their weight, and once they get slim, think it’s their turn. That’s just a wicked little cycle, isn’t it?
I know this isn’t everyone who has struggled with weight issues. Really, if you need to, then lose some weight. Get healthy. But also, be kind. Don’t lose your humanity when you lose weight, and be grateful to those who love you at any size. Being confident doesn’t mean being cold.  After all, everyone is a work in progress.
Be brilliant and beautiful, inside and out.