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The Diet Myths You've Been Believing

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It’s hard to know fact from fiction. There’s a lot of good advice, and unfortunately, a lot of superstition.
Some things sound too good to be true. Some bits of advice just don’t apply universally, and some are just silly. We get caught up in wishful thinking, hoping that it can be just that easy, but we need to know what’s real and what’s made-up.
Here are a few diet myths people are wrong to believe, and the reality…

“Diet” items are good for your diet:

Many big food companies will slap the word “diet” onto their product, inject it with a saccharine (or something worse), and call it their healthy option. This is just a marketing gimmick. These products aren’t necessarily designed to help you lose weight, and some of them, like diet sodas, have been shown to increase your appetite, which is the last thing anyone watching their weight needs. We also tend to consume more of a diet product, thinking it will do less harm, when really it counters everything we’re working towards. Instead of buying a “diet” option, go with something actually known for being healthy, without needing a label to “prove” it. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish…this stuff is so good it doesn’t need P.R.

Crunches give you Abs:

Lots of people struggle with those abdominal exercises, thinking that a six pack will someday appear to replace that gut. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to deal with before the belly. Sit ups and crunches aren’t the best for slimming down, and the flat stomach shows up after losing weight all over. And typically, the excess around the middle tends to be the last to go, because that’s the area where fat is stored more. The human body isn’t a bunch of separate parts that can be thought of independently; it’s one total and beautiful thing that will work best when viewed as a complete system. Work out the whole body. Once all that weight goes down, those abs will get a chance to shine.

All Carbohydrates are Bad:

Don’t lump every carbohydrate together. There are the simple ones, like those found in sugary snacks and sodas that will give you a rush before making you crash. Those are the ones that people think of as bad, but those good, complex carbohydrates get blamed for fattening results, too. Your brain works needs those complex carbs to function, to keep those neurons firing at full capacity.
Another thing to consider is what you’re putting on those carbs. Bread, pasta, and potatoes tend to be thought of as the vehicle for flavor-rich sauces or butter. Just don’t drown them with great tasting stuff that will weigh you down. As they say, moderation is the key.
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  • raw
    July 15, 2012

    I can attest to that – believe it or not, when the food is GOOD I eat what I need & don’t crave more. Am currently in Greece & the food here is 10 times better than what’s available in the US.

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