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The Buzz About Honey…

Image thanks to BotheredByBees

If you hadn’t noticed, we sell tea.
It’s 100% natural, so when our customers ask if they can add anything to it for flavor, we typically recommend using something just as natural: honey.
Tea and honey go hand in hand. Both have been consumed for centuries, not just for taste but for health as well.
We could go on and on about how good and good for you tea can be, but today I’d like to let you know what a sweet deal honey is, in more ways than one.


Sugar gets a bad rep, but, keep in mind, that’s the processed stuff. A natural sugar, like the glucose in honey is a quick pick me up that doesn’t throw your blood sugar levels out of whack the way that other stuff will. It’s a good natural carb that’s been helping athletes fight muscle fatigue and low endurance since way back when.

Antioxidant and Antibacterial

Sure, it’s a good ingredient for a beauty regime but honey has been used for more than just reducing red skin or conditioning hair. It won’t just make you look better; it can make you feel better.
Plenty of people go for a nice cup of tea with honey when they get a sore throat. You may think it’s just the warm water doing all the work, but honey has antimicrobial properties that can stave off some of the bacteria that lead to infection.
As a topical home remedy, honey has been used on burns, athlete’s foot, and arthritis. In some cases, it acts similarly to hydrogen peroxide, with its antibacterial properties and high acidity.


Okay, this part is tricky. One tablespoon of sugar has about 46 calories. One tablespoon of honey has 64. Yes honey has more, you did not read that wrong.
But the sweetness of honey is more than sugar, so people tend to use less of it. It also provides more benefits, more vitamins and minerals, than sugar. It is also full of antioxidants, which aid in repairing cellular damage. Table sugar can’t do that.
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