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Why Tea Makes You Healthier… And Happier!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published some very good news in it’s December 2013 issue.
Among other things; 12 new studies indicate that tea makes you happier, more productive, and helps you lose weight.
Here’s a summary of what they found:
1.  Tea Makes You More Productive
In a society that prescribes aderol, ritalin, and other drugs for ADD; you’ll be happy to know that green & black tea can help you concentrate better.  This may be due to the presence of both caffeine and an amino acid calld L-Theanine in tea.  Drinking 2-3 cups of tea in a 90 minute period will stimulate your mind without giving you the jitters that drinking coffee will give you.
2.  Tea Makes You Happy 
When you think of things that make you happy; on that list might be “my children”, “music”, “puppies”, “exercise”.  Well add one more to the list: tea!
The same amino acid that helps simulate your brain, L-Theanine, begets the production of dopamine and serotonin in your brain!
Both dopamine and seratonin are mood-enhancers.  Do you get blue around 3 p.m.?  Or is waking up hard for you?  Make a pot of delicious Oolong to help you wake up with a skip in your step because tea, indeed, makes you feel happier.
3.  Tea Helps You Lose Weight
We’ve known for years that green tea drinkers have lower BMI’s because of green tea’s fat-burning properties.  That’s because of the polyphenols & catechins found in green tea.
Polyphenols increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation.  Catechins raise your basal metabolic resting rate.
Green tea can help you burn 100 MORE calories throughout the day without changing a thing about your routine.  But Okuma’s Wu-Long helps you burn 240 MORE calories because of it’s higher polyphenol and catechin content. 
(It’s truly one of the easiest ways in the world you can shed weight without changing a thing about your life, exercise routine, or even overall food choices!)
4.  Tea Helps Strengthen Bones
For years we’ve seen the “Got Milk” campaign host hundreds of strong beautiful athletes and celebrities touting milk’s benefits, especially to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.
But did you know that the same polyphenol compounds that help you lose weight in Wu-Long also help you build up the cells that fortify your bones?
I’ll never forget when my grandma told me recently that she’s ‘shrinking’.  Men and women often experience a deterioration of their bones in later life.  Tea actually contains antioxidants called flavanols that slow down the bone loss in women.
5.  Tea Strengthens Your Heart
Drinking tea after a meal can actually combat the negative effects of fatty foods on your blood pressure.  While lowering your blood pressure, it also helps blood circulate more freely in your body.
In order to experience the fat-burning effects of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea, we recommend at least 2 cups per day, but many people drink 1 liter or more!
Because it only has about 1/3rd the caffeine of a cup of coffee, you can consume more of it without wreaking havoc on your energy levels.
Moreover, Wu-Long gives you a natural, sustained energy without the crash that coffee or sugary drinks gives you!
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To Your Health & Happiness,

Is Oolong Green, Black, or Neither?
In fact, Oolong teas are semi-oxidized, making them mid-way between green and black teas.  Oolong drinkers find that the tea has the freshness of green tea with the complexity and depth of black tea.
As evidenced above, 12 scientific studies point to the fact that tea makes you happier, more productive, and more heart-healthy.
Okuma’s Wu-Long blows traditionals black and green teas out of the water – with some of the highest content of polyphenols and catechins on the planet to help you burn more calories, increase energy expenditure and bloodflow, and even enhance your mood.
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