WuLong Tea - Premium Chinese Slimming Tea

Scientists Confirm THIS Improves Happiness…

There are a few foods I think about when I ponder some of nature’s greatest gifts. Eggs… apples…
But above all else, Wu-Long tea is the gift from nature that really shows off how amazing natural foods are.
Wu-Long has undeniable health benefits that you can read about right here. While you may already know that Wu-Long is beneficial to your teeth, skin, hair, bones, and heart… …did you know that it can also make you happy?!

Wu-Long Improves Your Mood

Even our ancient ancestors used tea to relieve constipation, increase problem-solving skills and concentration, enhance your mood as well as promote strong teeth, hair, and skin.
Flash forward several thousand years later: what we had as a hunch has been scientifically studied, and confirmed.
To get the most benefit from Wu-Long; you should drink at least 2 cups daily… but studies in diabetes prevention, coronary heart disease, and weight loss have shown participants drinking up to one liter per day.
There are also some benefits to Wu-Long that are pure bonus.
Namely, tea enhances your entire mood.
That’s right – tea makes you happier!

Tea Enhances Productivity

One of the ways Wu-Long makes you happier may be due to the fact that it is known to improve mental alertness, attention, and focus.
Productivity feels GOOD.
My father always used to say, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”.
And sometimes I wonder if it isn’t because accomplishing things like working, cooking a meal, walking my dogs or even working out really does put me in the very best moods!

How Wu-Long Tea Improves Your Mood

Well, Wu-Long’s combination of Amino Acid L-Theanine and Caffeine are a cocktail for mood & productivity enhancement.
That’s right; L-Theanine and Caffeine actually stimulate the production of alpha brain waves.
But this isn’t a normal caffeine high like you’d get from coffee or energy drinks.
The combination of L-Thanine and Caffeine give you the stimulation of alpha brain waves without the jittery effect of the above-mentioned drinks.
L-Theanine also helps generate dopamine and seratonin: neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for making you feel good!
Psychology Today even calls these your “happiness chemicals”.

Our Favorite Mood Enhancing Benefit Of Wu-Long…

Let’s be honest…
There’s another feeling that will really boost your mood.
It’s that feeling you get when you try on a snug shirt that looks flat across your waist.
Or those jeans that used to hug your hips too tightly… that now have enough room to dance in them!
That’s right – losing weight really does FEEL good.
Partially this may be because much weight loss is due to the cleansing of toxins from our system, as well as fat.

Lose Weight 100% Naturally

Wu-Long is one of the world’s BEST teas for weight loss.
It’s proven that the polyphenols in tea promote oxidation of body fat.
Studies also show that people who drink polyphenol-rich tea such as Wu-Long have less body fat than those who don’t.
Moreover, the energy you get from Wu-Long helps you stay more active… even more likely to work out or burn calories throughout the day.
And did you know that Wu-Long also contains antioxidants known as catechins, which increase your metabolic rate even while resting?
In fact, drinking Wu-Long may lead to burning an extra 240 calories per DAY!

Only Drink The World’s Best Tea

Wu-Long is one of the finest teas on earth… grown high in the Wuyi mountains of China’s Fujian province, a Unesco World Heritage site.
It’s GREAT for weight loss, powerful for productivity, and even helps your heart health.
On a cold winter day – there’s nothing more comforting like a cup of high-quality Wu-Long.
And if you prefer icy drinks, it’s delicious infused with vegetables or herbs over ice.
Be careful!
When your friends and family see the benefits in your smile, your skin, and your body – they’ll want their own as well!
Get yours here today!