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Tea Fermentation

Tea Fermentation

The Process of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Fermentation

All true teas, those manufactured from Camellia Sinensis, fall into three tea fermentation categories:

  • Unfermented (green tea)
  • Fermented (black tea)
  • Semi-fermented (Oolong tea)

What exactly does tea fermentation mean? Why does it matter? These are good questions.

The Process of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Fermentation

The process of Okuma’s Wu-Long tea fermentation follows the oxidation process, which involves leaving the freshly picked tea leaves out to dry in the sun until their moisture content is reduced by more than half. The next step is to roll and crush, or bruise, the withered tea leaves to release their proteins, fragrance, flavor and polyphenol (antioxidant) compounds. This step is what initiates the tea fermentation process, which increases the concentration of the tea’s polyphenols. The tea leaves are then fired to stop the fermentation process and to further dry them.
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Why Does Tea Fermentation Matter?

Oolong tea has higher levels of polyphenols in comparison to green tea or black tea. The Chinese have long credited Oolong tea with providing a variety of health benefits, some of which have been examined and studied by medical and health professionals with encouraging results. Mainly, it is the antioxidant properties of Oolong tea that are related to the way this compound acts as a scavenger within the body to neutralize oxidants, or free radicals, which have been linked to various diseases and illnesses.
While the proprietary semi-fermentation process of our premium grade of Oolong tea, Wu-Long tea contributes to its higher concentration of the powerful antioxidant, polyphenol, it also helps to define its unique and characteristic flavor.

Seeing Tea Fermentation in Another Light

The easiest way to think about tea fermentation is to imagine three bananas set down on a countertop.

  • The first banana is turning green (unfermented green tea).
  • The second banana is perfectly ripened and a bright yellow color (semi-fermented Oolong tea).
  • The third banana has been left out until it has turned completely black (fully fermented black tea).

Unless you’re making banana bread, most people would prefer the perfectly ripe banana. In the same way, semi-fermented Oolong tea is considered by many international tea tasters to be the greatest of the world’s teas in terms of flavor, style and character.
See for yourself!
Experience the benefits of tea fermentation with the best Oolong tea today, and see how easy it is to achieve your healthy body. Try it and love it, or your money back. If you have any questions about Okuma’s Wu-Long products, visit our Wu-Long Tea FAQs or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to assist you.