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Tea Brewing Tips

Tea Brewing Tips for the Perfect Cup Every Time

Tea Brewing TipsThe character of Wu-Long tea is deep and multi-layered, so it’s important to know some simple tea brewing tips. When you follow these tea brewing tips, your taste buds will be dazzled with everything from juicy peach-like notes to subtle orchid flower, fragrant honey and rich earth tones.
Depending on how much tea you use per cup and how long you brew it, these various character nuances will be present to varying and flavorful degrees.
Whether you like your cup strong and fragrant or light and mellow, the following tea brewing tips will guarantee perfect sipping every time!

What You Need to Follow our Tea Brewing Tips:

  • Wu-Long Tea Bag
  • Your favorite cup or teapot
  • A spoon
  • Pen and paper

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Tea Brewing Steps:

  • Heat your water to 85-90C / 185-195F (just before boiling)
  • Take 1 tea bag, and place it in your cup or teapot
  • Let steep for two minutes
  • After two minutes, carefully taste the tea with your spoon (let the tea breathe on your spoon for a few moments to allow it to cool slightly to ‘open’ the hidden flavor and ensure it isn’t too hot)
  • Record whether it is sweet, bitter or somewhere in between
  • Repeat the process once each minute until 7 minutes have passed
  • Look at your notes, and see which stage of the tea brewing process produced the cup you liked best

Now you know exactly how you like your Wu-Long tea. Brewing next time will be perfect. Simply set your kitchen timer to your desired tea brewing time, and you’ll have the perfect cup of Okuma’s Wu-Long tea.
A special note about boiling water:
When heating your water, take care not to let it boil. If the water is too hot it will scald your tea leaves when infused. The flavor of Okuma’s Wu-Long tea is very unique and comes across best when brewed in water that has been heated to just below the boiling point: 85-90C/185-195F.
A general guide to follow for Wu-Long tea brewing is that if your cup is too hot to hold without the handle, your water is too hot.
Start shopping for Wu-Long tea today, and see how easy it is to achieve your healthy body. Try it and love it, or your money back. If you have any questions about Okuma’s Wu-Long products, visit our Wu-Long Tea FAQs or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to assist you.