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Star Crossed: Are Celebrities Prettier Than the Rest of Us?


picture thanks to gotsandinmypants

Getting fit is hard enough without being bombarded by the Hollywood standard of beauty. All those celebrities on the red carpet, looking their best as always… they look so good, don’t they?  If only we could be so thin and gorgeous.
It’s easy to get discouraged instead of inspired.
But what we don’t see when we look at these numbingly beautiful people are the tricks it takes to make them that way. So before you go feeling like you can never compare, consider the following…

It’s A Living

Aside from bringing characters to life and memorizing a bunch of speeches, most of what an actor’s job consists of these days is looking good. They spend hours in the gym because technically, it’s part of their vocation. Their cosmetologists and personal trainers are tools for the trade, the way a cook sees his spatula, or a customer service representative sees her computer.
Most of the rest of us spend our working hours, not in a gym, but doing tasks that we agreed to do for someone else in exchange of wages. Finding time to improve our physiques comes after a hard eight hour day. For celebrities, looking good is their hard eight hours.

Just A Glimpse

We get used to seeing these people in our houses. Sure, we see them on television, the internet, and in publications, but they are in our homes all the time, none the less. And from that familiarity, we think we know them. We get the firm impression that the way we see them is how they are, all the time. We forget they’re regular people because we don’t get to see them being regular.
Remember the last time you got your photo taken professionally? Whether it was picture day at school, or a family portrait, you probably spent a good chunk of time getting appropriately gussied up before it. And when it was over, you went back to your less glamorous routine.
All we see of those pretty people are what they want us to see. Except for scandalous paparazzi pics, we don’t see them with a bad case of bed head or a sever attack of hay fever.

Smoke, Mirrors, and Photoshop

Almost every printed image you see in this new millennium has been doctored, adjusted, or outright fabricated. It could be that the lighting or color is tweaked, or in some cases, a person has been completely made over, like a digital Frankenstein monster. Just a few years ago, the people at Dove started a campaign that showed us behind the curtain; so that we could see what the media never wanted us to see. Here’s a commercial they did:
Every bit of that model’s face had been pushed around, relit, remade into the final image. The Internet has plenty more videos of Photoshop artists making silk purses from sow’s ears.
The good news is you don’t have to win an Oscar or have your own show to be healthy and feel attractive. And remember, it’s your life, your story. It’s better and lasts longer than any magazine.


  • Betty Inglima
    June 14, 2012

    That was a very good message to us all, who are trying so hard to look better. Losing weight will be a big reward, but we need to realize we aren’t going to look like the “stars”. Being healthy is so important, and I feel that the tea you are supplying me with is doing just that.
    Thanks for all the info I receive from you. Betty

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