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Stand By Your Plan (Avoiding Diet Derailers)

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone went on a diet at the same time?
Then all of the people in your life could be going through the same thing as you, and they would understand just how hard and important this journey can be. No one would tempt you with sugary goodness and everyone would know where everyone else was coming from.
Unfortunately, that isn’t usually how it works.
In the real world dieters have to interact with non-dieters, and this can sometimes be a challenge.
Here are a few examples of these folks (recognize any of them?) and some ideas for how to handle them…

Good Time Charlie (or Charlotte)

“You know what would be really good right now?” they may tell you, and whatever it is would be even better with sour cream. It’s really problematic if you live with them, and they spontaneously order that carb-ridden, extra-large, meat lovers pizza. A ringing doorbell has never been so tempting…
These folks don’t do discipline. They live in the moment, and think the same should go for you. They do not delay pleasure, and can justify any choice with three words: You deserve it.
The Solution:
Timing is everything. Do your best to beat them to the punch by having your smart and sensible meals before they have a chance to derail you with frivolous fun food. Also, strive towards activities with these folks that don’t involve eating. You can still enjoy their company, and not feel guilty about how that time is being spent.

Doctor Know-It-All

Really, they just want to help. They come at you with all kinds of knowledge from so many sources. They watched a clip from that talk show, or read a chapter from that book, or know someone who lost so much weight doing that plan.
All this information is being filtered through this person who sincerely wants to save you from your own bad habits. They want to be the hero, which isn’t a bad thing; it can just be a lot to take in.
The Solution:
Have them write it all down. They can’t expect you to remember all those “facts” on the fly. If they can give you written information, then you can do the follow up research, and figure out what is useful, and how much of it is just some trend. Also, if they make the effort to give you a list, thank them for the support, and assure them you’ll see if it will work for your goal.

The Candy Granny

We all have an emotional connection with food. There is probably a family member who shows their affection with confections, or their lovin’ from the oven. It’s traditional. We gather for holiday meals or Sunday dinners.
So you may feel a wave of guilt as Gramma tries to slide some apple pie on your plate, or insists you have seconds even though round one was a bit much. How can you say no to Gramma? She’s Gramma!

The Solution:

Let them know your dos and don’ts. If you’re going at this with an enthusiasm they can see and with knowledge about what you’re doing, it will make it easier for them to support you. You can’t blame them for doing what the have always done if they don’t know any better. Be sure to let them know your goals and your boundaries. Chances are they will do their best to help. They do love you, after all.