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Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Spring Cleaning for Your Health
If only the weather would agree with the calendar, it would be springtime in all proper respects.
It is about that time, though, to shirk off the clutter of those winter months. Open a window. Stand in the sun. Listen to some birds a-chirpin’. Get some fresh air, and… clean!
We’ve talked before about how important it is to lose the clutter, how simplified space can be good for your spirit and your health. But the activity itself can be good for you. Who’d have thought you’d be spring cleaning for your health?


Once the sun has come back, take the opportunity to make big household changes. Clear the furniture out and clean the WHOLE floor, not just what people can see. And while you vacuum, throw in some lunges. Every motion you make can be exaggerated into part of your work out. Add some extra motivation by giving your self time limits on tasks; the washer and dryer as a timer. And don’t forget some music to keep up a good rhythm.


We wash our hands after visiting the restroom, or before we handle food, but have you considered how many germs we get our hands on in the meantime? When the weather’s bad there’s a lot of sick people passing sniffles back and forth. Plenty of germs are still hanging out when it’s all over. Now’s the time to sanitize. I mean, you wash your hands at the sink, but how many things have you touched on the way there?


There’s this thing called “flow” which means getting so involved in a task or activity that one finds themselves completely immersed. Time doesn’t seem to move the same, or even be an issue. It channels positive energy, and gives a person a sweet sensation of bliss.
Most people think this is a state of being for just creative types, but getting into the flow can be done by everyone. Cleaning is a great way to experience it, to free one’s mind of any other thought but the job at hand.


Hey, a clean house leaves little room for shame or anxiety. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and tidy up.


  • WAC
    April 9, 2013

    Definitely…love this article…couldn’t agree more! It really works! 🙂

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