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Spice Up Your Diet for Weight Loss

While we search the internet and scour through health columns in search of the most effective weight loss diet and miracle foods to help you curb your calorie consumption, some of the most effective weight loss foods are right here in our kitchen’92s spice rack.
Spices not only add flavor to your food but are also great for weight loss as they can suppress appetite, increase metabolic rate as well as reduce fat absorption. Here in this article we will look at some of top spices you could use to aid your weight loss efforts.

Top 3 Spices for Weight Loss

Here are some of the top spices to help you battle the bulge effectively.

  1. Cayenne: The main active ingredient in cayenne, capsaicin is known for its fat burning properties. It is thermogenic in nature which means that it stimulates the body’s central nervous system to generate heat which leads to an increase in the amount of calories burnt. Certain studies have also found that cayenne also causes an increase in fat oxidation thus helping weight loss. Several studies have concluded that this spice also acts as an effective appetite suppressant.
  2. Mustard Seeds: Spicy mustard is known to boost the body’s metabolic rate thus helping burn fat faster. Scientists at the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England have found that just a single teaspoon of spicy mustard can help boost the body’s metabolic rate by about 20 to 25 percent for several hours after consumption, thus resulting in extra calorie burn of around 45 calories for a 700 calorie meal.
  3. Black Pepper: The active ingredient in black pepper, piperine which is responsible for the pungent taste, helps to boost the body’s fat metabolic rate by around 8 percent even hours after ingestion. For the best weight loss results, sprinkle freshly ground pepper, as they have the highest concentration of piperine.

Now that you know how these spices can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster, it is time you got these spices out of the rack and start using them.