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Small Changes to Make Today

small changes for weight loss

Image thanks to Melody Campbell

Small changes can add up to a big difference.
If you can commit to making small changes often and sticking with them, you will be able to change your health (and your waistline) for the better.
The following are a few small changes that you can start today

Start a food journal:

People who keep food journals are twice as likely to achieve (and maintain) their weight loss goals than those who don’t. Set aside a few minutes each day and record all of your foods and beverages. It is also great to record how you were feeling on a given day, or before and after you ate. Thereare even journals designed specifically for this, or try any of the new smart phone apps that can help you even when you are on the go.

Get up and walk:

This is a common bit of advice because it’s easy to do and it works. Park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a 10 minute break from work and get outside. Every little bit helps.

Brown bag it:

Packing your own lunch at least a few days each week can save you hundreds of calories (not to mention money). You have much greater control over the quantity and quality of what you eat than you would at a restaurant.  Make it super easy by planning ahead, packing up the night before, and/or portioning out leftovers to grab and go.

Catch more z’s:

A good nights sleep helps to regulate the appetite inducing hormones ghrelin and leptin. Too little sleep and you are much more likely to overeat the next day. Also, sleep helps to reduce stress, and this can also help make it easier to lose weight.

Make a swap:

Try making one food/beverage swap today, and then add a new one each week. If you drink whole milk, try switching to 2%. Need an afternoon pick me up? Grab some tea instead of a sugary soda or energy drink. Or try eating a whole piece of fruit rather than drinking fruit juice (the fruit will be higher in fiber and lower in calories).

Drink more water:

Drinking water is great for your overall health and essential for weight loss. The body often recognizes even mild dehydration as hunger, which can cause you to snack needlessly. Also, a 2008 study found that those who drank 16oz. of water 30 minutes before a meal consumed 13% fewer calories than those who didn’t.