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Skin Deeper: How to Keep Your Skin Snappy

how to keep your skin snappy

Image thanks to SuperFantastic

There’s a big drawback to losing weight quickly, and it’s all over you, right now.
It’s skin.
People love the idea of dropping a bunch of pounds in a short time, but they don’t consider the way it will affect their largest organ. Skin has a certain amount of elasticity, like a balloon, and if you’ve ever deflated a balloon, you know what happens. It needs time to snap back into place or it will sag in places you didn’t even consider. Losing weight too fast will swap one disappointment with another.
Sad, but true.
It can take at least a couple months for it to resume its proper place on its own, but there are ways to nip that issue in the bud, without having to nip it in a plastic surgeon’s office.

Slow and Steady

If you’re smart from the get go, the skin issue won’t be so daunting. Pace your weight loss to a healthy rate of no more than two and a half pounds a week, and your skin will have a chance to stick to you the right way. It’s healthier for you, anyway.

What’s in Your Skin

Soy is a funny thing, isn’t it? They turn it into tofu, and tofu helps your body make collagen. Collagen helps your skin stay healthy and tight, just like you want it.
Another good idea is to up your daily amount of vitamins A and E, zinc, and magnesium to improve the spring in your surface layer.
Water seems to always come up when talking about health. There’s a reason. Your body needs it. Your skin needs it, and more than you think. You can moisturize from the inside, too.

Work It Out

Building your muscles will do more than make you pretty; it will help you burn the fat you’re trying to lose, and give you a better foundation for the stuff on top of it.
Think of it like trying to put sheets on a waterbed, as opposed to a firm mattress. You can get the sheets good and tight on the firm mattress, but the waterbed is always going to wiggle and jiggle.

Pamper It

Give yourself a nice hot bath with Epson salts. Cover yourself in lotion, cocoa butter, and aloe. Skin is constantly replacing itself with new cells, while old cells die and wait to flake off. Help the new batch shine through by eliminating the old ones. You deserve a spa day, after all.