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3 Ways To Save While You Lose…

save while losing

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They say, “You can never be too rich or too thin.”
We talk about the latter enough, but what can you do about the former? There are ways to get fit and stay frugal. Don’t let all those infomercials selling 30-disc DVD sets or wacky new contraptions tell you otherwise. They may make things easier…as long as you stay interested.
While some can afford gym memberships and personal trainers, not everyone has those options. But there are solutions out there for anybody, with little bearing on your current income.
Here are three ways to save while you lose weight…


Good, old fashioned exercise doesn’t need to be fancy. You can get pretty far on the standards: walking, running, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and lunges. These are exercises that have literally been around for over a thousand years, keeping the Spartans in shape for battle. If you want to add some weight training in there, then pick something up! Fill a box with books, or some canned goods. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to get the job done.


Honestly, the bottled water industry is a bit upsetting to me. It takes something that’s all over the place and puts a price tag on it. It also increases pollution with all those plastic bottles. The world is made of mostly water, and so are you. Water keeps you feeling full without any calories. Hydration is so important to any kind of weight loss.
And I’d bet that there are at least two places in your current residence where water can be found with incredible ease. So stop buying a new bottle of  water every time you’re out. It’s okay to reuse the ones you have.


So, a gym membership is out of reach but you still think you need an aerobics class or a yoga instructor. There’s one right in front of you if you just punch  the right keywords into your Google search. Another great thing about the internet is everyone wants to tell you their story, share their recipes, and let you in on the things that worked for them. You can get a good work out, plan a healthy meal or two, and even meditate yourself to success with the help of the World Wide Web.
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