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Does Not Compute: Pros and Cons of Modern Technology

Image thanks to blakespot

We humans have been blessed and cursed.
We are so clever, and yet, kind of dumb. It’s okay. Knowing that humans can sometimes be dumb makes humans smarter.
We’re so smart, we’ve built extra brains to do our thinking for us. They used to fill a room. Now, they barely take up space in our pockets.
I’m talking about the technology of today. I’m talking about computers.
They make so many things easier, but is easier better? Many a Sci-Fi story has prophesized the progress and problems that come with new technology, and we are living in that foretold future right now.
So, how have our inventions helped or hindered? Here are some pros and cons of modern technology…

Computers Are Your Enemy

After a long day at the job, and quite possibly a job in front of a computer, isn’t it nice to come home, microwave some frozen mac and cheese, and sit in front of your own computer for another eight hours?
No! The answer is no, it isn’t. It isn’t nice at all!
This is an example of people doing their best impression of a bear but including the technology of our modern world to be even lazier about being lazy.
Problem one was microwaving a frozen meal. You know that’s probably not good for you, and you would have more fun and a healthier dish if you made it yourself. You would at least know what was going into it, and thus, going into you, instead of trusting a factory’s label. And cooking is like art you can eat. You always wanted to be an artist, right? Everyone does.
The second issue is camping out at the computer doing God only knows what for hours on end. Meanwhile, a little voice in the back (or maybe side) of your head is listing the things you could be, should be doing. So, instead of drowning out that voice with an MMORPG, go tackle some real monsters and demons, like laundry.

Computers Are Your Friend

I think Ben Franklin said something like “Company and fish should be thrown out after three day.”
I am paraphrasing, of course, but follow me. A lot of us use the computer for company. Not good company. It’s just something to fill the void.
It is totally understandable to need an escape, but many of us have abused our digital friend. Constantly trolling your online social network is not the same as having a social life. Yes, it’s hypnotic. Plenty of hours have been vaporized in a virtual battle against whatever enemy the game maker has designed.
But it is a wonderful resource for recipes, ideas, and inspiration. The problem is when we jump down that rabbit hole instead of just peaking in and moving along.
So, the answer is to give yourself a limit. Don’t sit down with the intention of staying on the computer indefinitely. It won’t fulfill each and every dream in your head. Turn it off after two hours, max.
While you are using it, use it for good. Find what you need there, and what you need is something for your hands or mind to do. Go ahead and print it out and move on to a whole different room, task list in hand.

Computers Are Computers

We’ll never get as much satisfaction from a computer as we’d like, because as wonderful as they are, they’re a bit of an empty promise. We are people, who should be interacting with people and not machines. The machines should be used to connect the people, and then get turned off.