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Preparation Of Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a kind of semi oxidized tea which is fermented from the Fujian province situated in China. China has a long drawn cultivation of this kind of oolong tea for weight loss.
The health benefits associated with the tea made it popular all over US. There are a number of restaurants which serve this slimming tea. A number of world famous celebrities like Rachael Ray and Oprah have endorsed the oolong tea for weight loss.
The healthy polyphenols contained in the tea strengthens the immune system and helps in development of strong teeth. The cognitive functioning as well as the overall health is well taken care of with the intake of the tea.rnrnTo reap the benefits which the tea has to offer, it is extremely essential that you are following the proper step by step instructions while preparing the tea. The essential things which you will need are a mug, tea pot, kettle for making the tea.

    • In the first step the water needs to be boiled in a glass vessel or in stainless steel container. The leaves (if used) must be put in a particular strainer. The tea bags or the strainer must be placed in the mug or the glass tea pot.
    • Boiling water must be poured over the bag or the strainer. The first infusion is designed for opening the tea and releasing its aroma. If you want to gain the maximum heath benefits from the weight loss tea, it is advisable that you are not discarding the tea.
    • The boiling water must be poured over the bag or strainer and steeped for about 1-3 minutes. This depends on how strong liquor you desire. The 2nd infusion from the leaves or the bag is taken to be a lot better.
    • The steeping time should be increased. Boiling water must be poured over the bags or strainer for at least 1-5 minutes. The time can be increased if you desire a strong tea. It is the 3rd infusion which is considered to be the best.
    • For successive tea infusions, the steeping time must be increased. The oolong tea of superior quality can be brewed for more than 6 times.

These steps for preparation, if followed will ensure that beneficial properties from the polyphenols are released. This tea which has strong fat burning capacities, if taken daily will ensure that your muscles get toned and you are maintaining a normal body weight. Along with regular intake of the oolong tea for weight loss, it is advisable you follow healthy lifestyle practices as well.