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Portion Control Tips

portion control

Image thanks to gifrancis

In the case of weight loss, less really is more.
Portion sizes all around us are getting bigger and bigger, and this can have a major impact on your dieting success.
Here are some tips to help you keep your portions under control…

Read the label:

Very few food items are single servings. Makes sure that you read the label to see how many servings are in the package and then measure to ensure that your portion is accurate.

Try not to eat family-style:

Rather than setting out all of your food onto the table (where it is far to easy to keep refilling your plate), serve the food onto your plate in the kitchen, and then put the rest away. Or, keep the main dish in the kitchen and only bring the salad or vegetables sides out to the table.

Avoid mindless eating:

Studies have shown again and again that we are likely to eat more if eating while distracted (especially in front of the television). Instead, try to unplug and actually savor your meal.

Pre-portion those tempting treats:

It is pretty easy to overindulge if you sit down with a whole bag of chips or a box of cookies. Instead, put one serving into a bowl and then put the rest away so that you won’t eat more than you should.

Don’t let restaurant meals derail you:

The portion sizes at most restaurants are far more food than anyone should eat in one sitting. Rather than gorging yourself, try splitting a meal with a friend. Otherwise, eat half and then take the rest home for another meal (smart for your weight and your wallet).

Use smaller dishes:

This may sound silly, but it has been shown that bigger plates encourage people to take a larger portion of food.

Break down your leftovers:

Instead of storing your leftovers in one large container, separate them into single serving containers. This way you can easily grab one out of the freezer or fridge and know that you won’t overdo it.