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Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss? Image thanks to ~ Ashwin ~

Why is Weight Loss So Difficult?

In a study on PubMed.gov, factors determining weight loss in obese patients in a metabolic ward, doctors studied 37 women while trying to answer the question – diet or exercise?
What they found is pretty amazing.
Over the course of the study a variety of diets and exercise programs were tried and the results were measured. Do you know what they found?
“The best predictor of weight loss in a patient on a strictly controlled diet is the resting metabolic rate.”
This means one of the most influential factors contributing to your weight loss success is going to be your metabolic rate or Energy Expenditure (EE).

And, this is exactly what Oolong Tea influences most.

So, How Does Oolong Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Several scientific studies have tried to answer that question.
Does the tea effect your metabolism? Does drinking tea effect your blood glucose and cholesterol levels? What about tea’s ability to help your body recover from stress? Some scientists are looking into the effects of tea on helping inhibit cancer in lab mice. Pretty amazing that people have been drinking tea for more than 5,000 years and this isn’t better known.
Oolong tea is one of the rarest teas consumed today. Only about 2% of tea produced in the world is Oolong.
If your metabolism and Energy Expenditure are one of the greatest contributing factors in your weight loss, does Oolong Tea really change your overall metabolism?

Oolong Tea’s Effect on Metabolism and Energy Expenditure

At the US Department of Agriculture, one scientist, William Rumpler, was investigating Oolong Tea’s effect on controlling body weight.
He wanted to measure  how tea influences Energy Expenditure and in a controlled study found some amazing results. He took a baseline measurement of the participant’s Energy Expenditure before the study and again on the third day after the study began.
The most interesting result was that fat oxidation was significantly higher (more than 12%) after consuming full-strength Oolong Tea.
Most would assume that the caffeine in the Oolong Tea is responsible, but they took this into account within the tests.
“The interesting part of our study, which agreed with findings from a similar study in England, was that when you drink tea you turn on the fat-burning spigot a little bit more than when you drink caffeinated water,” claims Rumpler.

Turning ON Your Fat-Burning Engine!

In another study, this time out of Japan, researchers wanted to know if Oolong Tea or Green Tea was better for increasing your Energy Expenditure. In a crossover designed test, what they found was further proof:
After 120 minutes they found –

Oolong Tea’s effect on increasing Energy Expenditure was increased significantly by 10%.
Green Tea’s effect on increasing Energy Expenditure was only 4%.

Clearly, Oolong tea for weight loss is the best.

Many Other Health Benefits

In addition to helping you increase the #1 factor in weight loss, your metabolism (Energy Expenditure), Oolong Tea gives you many, many more health benefits:

Now Ask Yourself – Can You Think of a BETTER Weight Loss Supplement Than Oolong Tea?
One that is all natural?
Backed up by science?
One that you can enjoy while sitting and collecting yourself?
We can’t.
Oolong Tea for weight loss is one of the best methods for helping you shed those unwanted pounds.
Happy drinking!

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