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No "Butts" About It: Exercises For Sitting Down

exercises for sitting down

picture thanks to Rene Mensen

For quite a few of us, it seems like most of the day is spent sitting.
Like, a lot. Like for hours at a time.
Even if you don’t have an office job that you that keeps you in a chair, there’s a good chance you have a commute to work. And then, by the time you get home at the end of the day (even though you just spent the day sitting) you really just want to sit down.
It’s as if the modern world has been designed to keep us on our butts. No wonder so many of us have weight issues.
However, there are ways to get a workout without getting on your feet:

In The Office

You may have to spend hours a day in front of a computer, but that’s no excuse to lose the battle of the bulge. Here’s a list of exercises specific for cubicle dwellers that don’t require much in the way of equipment, just commitment:

In The Car

Traffic jams aren’t just for killing time. They’re for burning calories, too. Stop being stuck behind the wheel with nothing to do. Take the opportunity to get your work out on. But please, drivers, be responsible:

Get On Your Feet

I know I said this was about working out without getting up, but I have to cheat here because it’s so important. Getting out of your chair is going to burn more calories than not getting out of your chair. You know that. I know that. Why avoid it?
The modern world is designed for our convenience, which isn’t necessarily the best thing for our shape.You can double the amount of calories you burn just by standing. So, stand! Pace. Walk down the hall instead of making a call or sending a text.
Every little bit helps.