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Resolution Evolution

new year's resolution
It’s just a few days into the brand new year, and I have to ask, how are those New Year’s resolutions going?
It doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, getting organized, cleaning up your credit score, or finishing that novel you’ve been trying to write. Whatever your goal might be, you deserve a fair chance to achieve it.
For those of you who are still on track, good job! For those of you who are finding it harder to stick with than you thought, allow for resolution evolution.
Let’s examine your options…

#1 Take It Easy, But Not Too Easy

Don’t think you need to scrap your whole goal because of one or two backslides. Some people have assigned New Year’s Day with magical properties. They think of it as the only fresh start they get each year.
Every day can be a clean slate. And unless you’re some kind of otherworldly prodigy, you won’t get everything right the first time. Forgive yourself when you falter, and get right back on that horse.

#2 Keep Track, However You Can

In an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, they asked him what made him such a good comedy writer. He said it was a matter of doing it every day. He would put those oversized calendars from the office supply stores on the wall. For each day that he wrote, he’d cross off a day. Soon, there’d be a line of red X’s, and to miss a day would mean breaking that line.
His motivation wasn’t just being a good writer. It was also something silly and trivial, but highly addictive, like his sitcom. Whatever works, right?  After all, results are results.

#3 Do Your Research

Don’t think you’re the first person to ever try losing weight, getting organized, starting a hobby, etc… Heck, even Christopher Columbus missed the mark on discovering the new world, since the Vikings beat him to it by at least a couple centuries.
Whatever you are trying to achieve for yourself, someone out there has probably taken a crack at it with their own degree of success. And they also made their own mistakes so you don’t have to.
I know for me, anytime I need the answer to a question, from a word definition to stain removers to what B vitamins really do to how to plan a wedding on a budget, I remember we live in the magical age of the internet. We can type our questions into a search engine and, poof, we get answers.
Do you have any ideas to share? How do you stick with your resolutions?