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Good News For "Choco-holics!"


Dr. Reveals “Ten Miracle Foods” In Groundbreaking Presentation…

I just read something crazy from an MD colleague of mine who has found a ton of miraculous ways to use food for health and healing… including CANDY!
For instance, one medical study recently found that chocolate can significantly reduce blood pressure in just two weeks.
Italian researchers gave healthy people various types of chocolate.
The researchers discovered one type of chocolate had an ability to reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure.
This type of chocolate contains a full range of beneficial phytonutrients, including antioxidants, flavonoids, phenols, epicatechin, and essential minerals.
These nutrients make chocolate not only tasty, but also beneficial for your heart.
Who wouldn’t want to keep blood pressure in control with candy?
But before you load up on Snicker’s Bars… make sure you choose the right type of chocolate.
Your average Hershey’s bar won’t do. Dr. Victor Marchione (some call him the “Food Doctor”), has compiled a whole wealth of what he calls “miracle foods” that can help you battle cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.
His famous presentation is on the 10 miracle foods you can eat every day to help rid you of some pretty nasty diseases and illnesses you may be suffering from.
Food Doctor

Doctor Reveals “10 Miracle Foods” in Groundbreaking Presentation

Wow!  Imagine that!!!
As a board certified Doctor, Dr. Marchione could be sitting back and prescribing people pills.  
But instead he has devoted his life to finding cures for all kinds of ailments with nature’s perfect medicine: food.
Watch a quick presentation he put together here to learn about 10 of the foods you can eat every day – including a ‘fruit’ that fights Alzheimer’s!