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Make your Refrigerator Diet Friendly

Your refrigerator could prove to be your most effective weight loss diet tool or it could throw your diet plan terribly off course. If your refrigerator keeps tempting you with leftover chocolate cake, while vegetables and fruits rot, it is time for you to give your fridge a makeover for the better. Here we will discuss some of the most effective ways of giving your fridge a diet friendly make over.
Stocking your Fridge for Weight Loss:
This is how you go about stocking your refrigerator for successful weight loss.

    • Keep healthy choices within reach: The key to a diet friendly refrigerator lies in keeping unhealthy, high calorie, high fat foods out and stocking up on healthy foods. Stock up your fridge with low calorie, low fat options such as turkey slices, yogurt, low fat cheese etc. Keep these foods in clear view, so every time you reach out for a snack you grab something healthy. Stowing away the less than ideal options (that tempting tub of ice cream) out of sight also helps.
    • Make fruits and vegetables a priority: Have you been stowing away all the fruits and vegetables in the produce drawer? If yes, stop doing so now. Store your veggies and fruits in covered, see through containers on the fridge shelves where you can easily spot them. You could even chose to wash and chop up the fruits and vegetables into bite sized pieces before you put them into a container. This way whenever you open the fridge, you get a big dose of the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Also, fruits and vegetables are chock full of fiber and nutrients which keep you feeling full for longer.
    • Make smart swaps over time: For losing weight successfully you will have to eventually substitute high fat foods with low fat versions. However, you don’t have to make the change overnight. Research has actually found that switching to low fat healthier versions gradually over time makes it easier to adjust to the new diet and helps stick to the diet plan in the long run. Giving up all your favorite food overnight will just make you feel miserable after sometime, increasing your chances of falling off the diet plan. For instance, begin with low fat dairy products the first week and then next week substitute white bread for whole grain bread.

You can also use your fridge door as a record of your weight loss’a0efforts. Graphs showing how much weight you have lost or pictures of a slimmer you on the fridge door can act as a great motivational factor urging you to stick to your diet every time you go to the fridge. Keep these things in mind and in no time you will see that your fridge has become the most diet friendly weight loss tool you could ever hope for.