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Lose Weight During The Holidays? Yes, please!

sexy christmas girl blowing a kiss

 The holidays are here… and it’s going to be so much fun!

But let’s face it…

With all the food and drinks around us, the holidays aren’t exactly the best environment to try to lose fat.

Everyone around us is going to be stuffing their faces…

So what do we do?

Do we have to sit and watch… feeling deprived… just because we’re trying to lose weight?

My friend Ingrid Macher says… absolutely not!

If you don’t know Ingrid, she’s a celebrity health coach and mother of two who dropped 55 pounds in just 90 days…

And in her latest blog post…

She shows you how stuffing your face during the holidays… can actually help you become slimmer and sexier!

It sounds crazy, I know… but it works.

And when you click here, you can find out why!


~ Stephanie