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How to Make the Most of NOW

living in the moment

Image thanks to Frank S. Malawski

Really, what good is nostalgia?
The word itself is from the Greek, meaning essentially “the ache of homecoming.” We like to remember how good it was “way back when,” and then get all sad about it because it will never be that good again. It’s a bit on the masochistic side, if you ask me.
Dwelling on the past won’t give you much room to appreciate the present. Getting hung up on yesteryear is an obstacle to living life in the moment. It’s like trying to drive while only looking at the rearview mirror. You’re only going to see the bumps after you hit them.
So, what are some ways to keep yourself in the here and now, instead of lingering on times gone by?


We all have stuff we need to get rid of. Closets full of boxes, boxes full of envelopes, envelopes full of memories… memories we forgot about until we open that closet door. Why are we holding on to stuff that we’ll surely forget about when we turn our backs? What kind of favor is it doing us? We end up bogged down with who we were instead of being who we are now. Who we are now might be a bit of a hoarder.
Reduce your clutter, and clear the way to a fresh outlook. Sell it, recycle it, or just trash it. Holding on to who you were won’t let you be who you are.

Express yourself

Artists always have someone looking over their shoulders saying, “I wish I could draw.”  Those artists are thinking, “Then draw!”
It doesn’t hurt to get some new skills under your belt. So many people want to take up a new hobby, but squelch that dream before it starts. “I could never do that,” never did much for anybody.
Wishing isn’t going to do as much for you as doing will. Take a class, go to the library and get a book, ask someone to show you how, or use the internet to find some instruction. It’s never too late to learn.


You probably have some mad skills, secret recipes, or some quirky something you do better than anyone you know. There may even be people you know that want to know how you do that super-secret special something. You have a gift that the powers that be gave you. That also means you have a gift to give.
Showing someone how to do something special is a great way to not just share knowledge, but to share a moment. That’s what life is all about: a series of moments. So make the most of the one you have, right now, by being present for it.