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Less Known Causes of Weight Gain

Been on a weight loss diet plan but those extra pounds never seem to go away?
Well, you are not alone. Many people get frustrated because they keep on gaining weight even when they are regularly exercising and are ensuring a calorie controlled diet. Even when one follows a weight loss diet plan and a strict exercise regimen, there are still some other factors that might be sabotaging all your weight loss efforts. And more often than not, it is not just a single factor but a combination of factors that is responsible for the weight gain.
Let us take a closer look at some of the most surprising causes of weight gain.

    • Lack of Sleep: The human body works best when it is fully rested. When one does not get sufficient sleep, the body undergoes physiological stress and starts storing more fat, thus leading to weight gain. Also, some people resort to midnight snacks and other unhealthy foods when they are unable to sleep, thinking that eating will help them get better sleep. This will, however, only lead to weight gain.
    • Too Much Stress: We live in very demanding times. The stress resulting from juggling so many responsibilities, coping with financial pressures and living a fast paced life can set off a biochemical process that puts our body into a ’91survival’92 mode. As a result of this process, the body slows down its metabolic rate, starts storing fuel and releases hormones (such as leptin, and cortisol), which lead to obesity of the abdominal region. People also reach out for unhealthy snacks and foods in a bid to cope with the stress. This, however, does not work because eating will not address the real stressors and lead only to weight gain.
    • Medications: Certain prescription drugs used for the treatment of mood disorders, seizures, depression, migraines, diabetes and blood pressure can lead to weight gain. Some hormone replacement therapies, steroids and even some oral contraceptives may lead to a gradual increase in weight. All these drugs work differently to cause gain in weight. Some may increase your appetite, others may change the way your body stores fat. According to experts some of the most common medications which lead to weight gain are antidepressants, antipsychotics, steroids, heartburn medications, etc.
    • Medical Conditions: Sometimes people gain weight because of medical conditions. One of the most common medical conditions that leads to weight gain is hypothyroidism. A deficiency in the thyroid hormone results in loss of appetite, decreased in the metabolic rate and weight gain. Another condition known as Cushing’92s syndrome, which is caused by excess cortisol, also results in weight gain.