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Is Summer the Best Time for Weight Loss?

Is Summer the Best Time For Weight Loss?

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For most of us, it’s finally here…well, almost.
The season of warm days and nights, picnics, barbecues, and outdoor adventures.
It’s the perfect time to shed a layer or two, and I don’t just mean clothes.
Now, you may have been struggling all winter to lose weight in time for this season, but if you didn’t quite make it, or you want to start fresh, this may be the perfect time for you.
Here are some of the reasons that summer may just be the best season for weight loss…

Produce, produce, everywhere!

One of my very favorite things about summertime is the sudden abundance of amazing seasonal fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, berries, corn, herbs, greens, and so many more. You can find fresh, in-season produce filling the shelves at your local supermarket, or find a rainbow of delights at a farmers market near you. A ripe, juicy peach doesn’t feel like health food, but it is. So, go get yours…summer is a great time to fill up on freshness and skip the processed junk.

Warm days, longer nights.

I went for my first real hike of the season this past weekend, and it was pretty awesome. The thing is, I know how important physical activity is, but I am generally much less motivated when it is cold or snowy outside. The warmth of summer however, suddenly opens up so many enjoyable outdoor activities. Walking, hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, golf, or just playing with friends in the park (bocce, croquet, volleyball, flag football, etc.). Heck, even spending some good time in the garden will help you burn extra calories. If nothing else, start taking after dinner walks and enjoy the warmer, longer evenings.

Let the sunshine!

Another reason that summer is a great time to lose weight may have a lot to do with the sun itself. Do you feel a lot like you want to hibernate during the winter? Chances are that this is related to less sun exposure. Why? Well there is a direct link between sunlight and your mood. Lack of sunshine can decrease serotonin levels and leave you feeling sad and lethargic, but summer sun will boost your mood and your vitamin D levels naturally. Vitamin D is great for bone strength, immunity, depression, and so much more. And recent research shows that it also helps to fight food cravings and that those who have higher vitamin D levels tend to weigh less. So get a little bit of sun on exposed skin each week  (don’t overdo it), and you just may feel better than ever. And, of course, don’t forget to drink plenty of iced Wu-Long Tea to keep you cool while you catch those rays.
What season do you think is the best time for weight loss? I would love to hear from you.