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How to Lose Weight at Work

Today’s hectic lifestyle and the work pressure can wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts. Being chair bound to your workstation for hours at a stretch can actually result in weight gain. According to a survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com on office workers, 49 percent of the respondents said they had put on weight at work, while 29 percent said they had put on over 10 pounds.
Also, the hectic work schedule along with the demands of home and family leave little time for any exercise. So what do you do? Do you just sit back at your desk and surrender to a lifetime of obesity. Of course not! You can in fact use your long working hours to speed up your weight loss sitting right at your desk. All you need to do is make a few small changes to help burn calories while you work.

Losing Weight at Work: Tips

Here are some great tips to help you lose weight while you are at work.

  1. Try walking to your office or consider getting a bicycle to go to work. These two physical activities can effectively help you burn a lot of calories. Apart from that, you also make things easier on your wallet with lower fuel expenses. If you must drive to work, park your car farthest from your workplace in the parking lot so you have to take a walk.
  2. Pack your lunch at home. Bring sensible low calorie, diet friendly, healthy foods for your lunch. Try including foods high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables as they help to keep you feeling full for longer period.
  3. Many workplaces have gyms for employees as part of employee health care programs. Make use of these fitness facilities and workout whenever you can. Exercising can act as a great stress buster too, so the next time you find yourself under too much pressure, hit the gym. In case your workplace doesn’92t have a gym, find one nearby. You could spend your lunch hour working out.

Also, instead of lounging around in the cafeteria during coffee breaks, consider taking a brisk walk round the block. Basically, any type of physical activity will help burn calories and thus help lose weight. Incorporate these tips in your daily work schedule to help you lose weight at work.